Meet The Artist!

I'm Meghan O'Connor, a practicing school psychologist with a passion for bringing art to life. Growing up art was my outlet from the world. I come from a wonderful line of artists. My grandmother made pottery to support her family, this love of creation was then passed down to my mother, who instilled a love for art and imagination to my brother and I. We were always encouraged to express ourselves through art and craft. I would get lost in drawing, painting, and creating with my hands. 

Somewhere in my journey into adulthood that passion and enthusiasm for creating was dimmed. I focused on one mission, going to college and becoming a psychologist. After achieving this goal I quickly learned that public education is one of the hardest fields to be in. When COVID hit, I learned the beauty of setting boundaries with work, and remembering to put my mental health first. To help cope with secondary trauma and burnout from work, I started getting back into creating. Polymer clay is a difficult but rewarding material to work with. It challenges your strength when conditioning the clay, your knowledge of the color wheel when mixing palettes, your patience when sculpting small designs or when hours of work don’t turn into what you had imagined. My creations are inspired by my love of nature, healing, and the feeling of magic from childhood. I have come full circle, and hope to spark joy and inspiration in those who buy a piece of my art.